Frequently Asked Questions for The Ridge Facility

What are the important dates to remember for our event? 

We need to meet 30 days before your event to get your final number of guests, set the menu, determine the bar services to be provided, and for you to make final payment on the contract. You should plan to make your RSVP deadline at least a week before that date, so that when we meet you can calculate the number of guests you expect to attend.

Can we see the facility set up for a wedding to get ideas for decorating?

You can contact The Ridge to schedule a time to stop during the day of a scheduledevent to see how the facility is set up.

What information do we need to bring with us for the meeting 30 days before the event?

1. Number of expected guests
2. Cell phone numbers of florist, cake vendor and DJ, as well as the specific times for their arrival.
3. Menu selection
4. Bar selection
5. Copy of wedding reception invitation

When can we decorate?

If The Ridge does not have an event scheduled the day before your event, The Ridge will allow you to decorate the day before at no extra charge! We ask that decorating be completed in 3 hours. If The Ridge has a scheduled event the night before your event, then you will be allowed access to the hall at 8 a.m. on the date of your event. If desired, you may place a wire based event sign in the grass by the entry to identify the entrance for your event.

What about timing for the day of the event?

At the meeting 30 days before the event, you will select the start time for your six hour event. Although a limited number of family can arrive before the event for last minute decorating, the bar is not open and family will be asked not to sit at the tables - to maintain the fresh look for the event. The doors will not be opened until the time you scheduled for your event, so your invitations should indicate a specific start time for the doors to open. We cannot allow guests arriving early access, as the catering staff is completing last minute details to prepare the hall for your event.

Last call for the bar will be made 25 minutes before the end of the event, as bar service ends 15 minutes before the end of your event. Your DJ or band will be expected to call the last dance at that time. When the last dance is over, the house lights will be turned on as the final signal to your guests that the event is over. Bar staff will be clearing tables as soon as the house lights are turned on. At this time, your family needs to pick up the decorations that you want saved, so that we can efficiently prepare the room for cleaning.

When do we need to remove our decorations?

Your family needs to remove the decorations the night of the event, as we strip linens and begin cleanup immediately after your event, especially if the facility is rented for the next day. If this is not possible for you, then you will need to arrange this with The Ridge at the 30 day meeting, so that our staff knows who is picking up your property and when. All food items not removed on the day of the event will be disposed of after you leave.

How do we make the final payment for fees to The Ridge?

We accept your personal check for the costs of your event, at the meeting 30 days prior to the event as required under the contract.

What happens to the deposit we made?

At the meeting 30 days before the event, your initial deposit to hold the facility converts to a damage deposit. This damage deposit will be refunded to you within 7 business days after the event, less fees for unpaid charges by you, and damages to the facility caused by your guests, if any.

What happens if we pay for guests that do not show up?

The catering and bar pricing is based upon the number of paid guests that you want to provide for during the event. Leftover prepared food items are bagged and boxed for your family to take the night of the event. There are no refunds in the event of no shows, since the food excess created by no shows is provided to you.

What happens if we have extra guests show up for the event?

Our facility fee includes tables and linens for the contracted number of guests, so no additional seating is set up for your event. You should consider this possibility when determining how many guests you expect. If guests in addition to the number paid for attend, we will squeeze extra chairs into the tables set up, and you will be charged the catering fee and the host bar fees, if any, for these guests.

Does The Ridge have accommodations for children?

We have a limited number of high chairs and booster seats, and a baby changing station is located in the women’s restroom.

Are areas of the facility off limits to guests?

Yes. No one is allowed to enter the kitchen area on the day of an event, due to health code and safety issues. The golf course and driving range are not part of the leased premises for your event. We ask that your guests not allow children to wander outside, as the dangers that exist in parking lots and on a golf course are a special risk to children, and even more so in the dark. Even with adult supervision, no guests are allowed onto the golf course or driving range during your event, and guests in these areas will be asked to leave.  

Can we use the golf course for photos?

We do not generally allow the golf course to be used for photos, as our putting greens are very sensitive to heels and damage from non-golf traffic. If you would like a few photos using the golf course as a background, you can discuss this request at the meeting 30 days before the event, and we may be able to accommodate you for some photos. Please keep in mind that the taking of photographs cannot interfere with the operation of the golf course.

Do you have a speaker system for wedding toasts?

Yes we do, and we prefer that our wireless mike is used so that all guests can hear the toasts. Many times, the speakers of the DJ are aimed directly at the dance floor, so only those seated near the dance floor hear well.

What food items may we bring for our event?

The Ridge provides catering services for the food service. However, you may bring in cake, cookies, mints, nuts, pretzels and similar snack items. All items brought to The Ridge need to be prepared off site and brought on sealed trays and containers on the day of the event. As a general rule, we do not refrigerate items brought by Lessees, so please plan accordingly.

Why can’t we take drinks out into the parking lot area, since the facility is a smoke free building?

State liquor laws do not allow the parking areas of a golf course to be licensed premises for alcohol. Although liquor can be purchased and taken out onto the golf course by golfers directly from the Pro Shop area, we are not able to allow drinks to be taken out the banquet hall doors that lead to the parking lot.

What will happen with guests who become visibly intoxicated?

Our policy is to stop serving anyone that exhibits behavior of intoxication. We want everyone to have a good time, but those who exceed reasonable limits will be denied liquor service. If the individual is severely impaired, we will insist that someone take this individual home or that a cab be called for immediate transportation. We do not want any situation to escalate into sickness or disruption of the event.  If another guest continues to provide alcohol to an intoxicated person that has been cut off, that guest will be asked to leave with the intoxicated guest.  The Ridge has to comply with state liquor lines at all time.

Can our guests leave vehicles in the parking lot overnight?

Absolutely! The Ridge does not want to encourage irresponsible behavior. We simply ask that all vehicles be removed by 1 p.m. the day after your event.

Are there hotels nearby?

The Hilton Garden Inn is located west of Village Pointe, at approximately 178th and Dodge.  A new Residence Inn is located north of Dodge at 180th Street. The Holiday Inn Express is located on the south side of West Center at approximately 178th Street. The Hampton Inn is located behind the Target Store on the north side of West Center at approximately 178th Street. A Super 8 is located at approximately 117th and Dodge Streets, and a Comfort Suites is located at 108th and Maple Streets.