Comparing wedding reception venues in the Omaha area is difficult.  Price is a major concern, but selecting a venue often requires comparing apples to oranges.  Questions to ask all venues are: 

  • Do you serve wine and liquor in glass or plastic cups?  At The Ridge, we serve wine and liquor in glassware while a major competing venue uses plastic cups for wine and liquor.  We believe that the use of glassware provides a better image for your guests.
  • What liquors are included in the "well" drink category?  The Ridge has a nice selection of liquors in its Well category - including Captain Morgan!  You won't find Captain Morgan in any other facility's Well category.
  • Does your facility have a dedicated DVD projection screen so all guests can see your DVD?  
  • Does your facility provide china, linens and flatware in the published pricing?
  • Is the dance floor easily accessible to all guests or it a portable dance floor which sits above floor level, creating a trip hazard to guests?  The  Ridge  dance floor is permanent and located right in front of the head table.
  • If my event nears the room capacity, where do they serve the food?  Some facilities serve food from the dance floor area, and             then they have to break down the tables for the dance, causing distraction from your event.  The Ridge never servers food from the dance floor area - we use dedicated space for the food service!
  • If I pay for guests who don't show up for my event, do I get to take the extra food home?
  • Do you get a dedicated use of the entire facility, or have to share facilities with other events?

The layout of the room is important to the enjoyment of your guests, so The Ridge designed our hall so that there are no obstructed views.  Our large dance floor is centrally located in front of the head table, but easily accessible to all your guests.  Also, we never serve food on the dance floor area, as that area is reserved for your grand entrance - as well as for your dance.  Our DVD projection system displays high on the wall, where every guest can watch your slideshow from the comfort of their table.  Some venues show a slideshow on a home screen from the dance floor, forcing guests to move in order to be able to see the slideshow.

Our 26 foot oak bar with mirrored back bar provides a warm atmosphere where up to 4 bartenders attend to your guests have limited wait time for refreshments.  The Ridge serves all wine and hard liquor in glassware that will be noticeable to your guests! 
If you select and pay for standard or well drinks, most facilities use lower end liquors, but at The Ridge we include Captain Morgan in our standard mixed drink menu.  The Ridge also allows you to select from Coors, Bud or Miller products for the beer to be offered at your event, and we serve beer in generous 16 ounce cups, to avoid the need to return to the bar shortly after receiving your drink.

Our lighted backdrop and head table setup provide an elegant setting for photographs of the wedding party, and our sound system assures that all guests will hear the toasts and speeches.

The Ridge offers elegance not matched by other banquet facilities in Omaha or Elkhorn, with affordable pricing.  And if your event has guests who fail to show up, we send the extra food home with you.  You paid for the food - it should be yours!